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Code of Practise

In our Code of Practice, you will find details about us, the services we offer and how to contact us. Our Code of Practice will tell you about your rights both as a Red Sky, and as a UK, customer as well as your responsibilities when joining us.

We will always endeavour to deliver the highest levels of care and service possible. As a valued customer you deserve and should expect no less – so this code is provided to confirm our commitment both to you and to the pursuit of excellence. We are also legally required to provide certain information to meet the requirements of the communications regulator, Ofcom, and that will also be contained within this Code.

Customer Service

We want to provide the highest levels of Customer Service – if for any reason you feel we are not doing so, please let us know so that we can change that for you. We will take all comments on board and do all we can to improve, and perfect, our support to you and all our customers. Without your input and feedback, we have no way to do so - you are the most important members of the Red Sky family.

Please visit the contact page on our website for all the information on how to reach us. 

Our tariffs and packages

Red Sky aims to provide the most competitive and attractive mobile options available to UK businesses and as such we offer a flexible approach to tariffs.

We also offer fixed line, mobile internet and Cloud services to further support your needs - we want you to have an all in one solution for your communication needs – and will do all we can to make us your perfect communications partner.

Your numbers

When you move to Red Sky, you will probably want to bring your existing mobile phone number to us to enable all your contacts to continue using that same number. This is a very simple process.

Contact your current service provider and ask for a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) for your number. This may be given to you by telephone or in writing.

Once you have your PAC, please provide it to us and we will organise the move of number for you. You need do no more, we will handle the entire process for you. There will be minimal loss of service during the move, the number will simply switch, and we will advise you of the day this will happen to allow you to be ready.

If you are a Red Sky customer and you want to take your number to another service provider, please call us and ask for a PAC. Providing you are no longer within the minimum term period of your service agreement, your PAC will be issued and is valid for 28 days. You'll need to pass the PAC to your new service provider to move your number to that network. If you don't use your PAC within those 28 days, you will continue to receive services from Plan.

Keeping you informed


We use your bills along with mailshots, emails, letters, SMS, MMS and video messages to let you know of any changes, improvements or news. Details will also be available on our website

Your privacy


Your personal information will only be used in accordance with the Red Sky Privacy Policy and UK data protection and privacy Laws.

By agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy, you allow us to collect information about how, when and where you use our services. With your consent, we may from time to time contact you for marketing purposes and share your information with members of the Red Sky group only. We will not share your details with anyone else without your full permission.

For further information, answers to queries or full details of the Privacy Policy, please send an email to or write to:

Red Sky Telecom Ltd

Building 7

Queens Park

Queensway North

Team Valley Trading Estate


Tyne & Wear

NE11 0QD

Equipment issues and insurance


Your hardware may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty covering manufacturing faults or defects. If you experience a problem with your equipment, please contact us and we will guide you through what to do.

If your device needs to be repaired, you can return it to where you bought it so that it can be sent for repair. This will include providing an estimate for the repair costs if this is outside the warranty parameters. The device is normally repaired and returned back to you within 5 days.

We can also provide you with insurance to protect you if anything goes wrong with your handset or if it gets lost or stolen.

Returns policy

In order to meet the terms of our Returns policy, you would need to return your new handset, along with the original boxed accessories and documentation, "as new" to Red Sky. You'll also need to provide your receipt or delivery note as proof of purchase.

If you are unsure what to do, or need any assistance, please contact us and we will help you through the process.

Returning phones purchased online or by phone – 'Distance sales'

If you are a Red Sky customer who obtained directly and you wish to return it, you must do so in "as new" or "as sold" condition in its original box, along with all accessories and your proof of purchase (or delivery note), within 14 days of delivery.


This policy does not apply to:

  1. Customers who did not purchase their phone directly from Red Sky via telephone or

  2. Customers who have used the new handset in any way – including, but not limited to, personalisation of the handset features, voice or data usage

Conditions applying to all returns of mobile broadband equipment

If you are eligible to return your equipment, you must return it to Red Sky..


Please note:

  1. we may charge you for any of our Services you've used at our standard rates set out in our Price Guide;

  2. we won't offer a refund on any payment made for service or any remaining unused credit

  3. you must not have used the equipment for more than 2 days in total.

  4. the equipment (together with any documentation or other accessories contained in the box) must be returned to the retailer you bought it from within 7 days, in "as new" or "as sold" condition and in its original box – in accordance with the conditions which apply to all equipment returns.

Our networks

We will do all we can to maintain the integrity of the network, but there may be occasions where services could be unavoidably interrupted or fail to function due to a fault or failure that affects the Red Sky network and our partners by reasons outside our control. There may also be instances where service has to be stopped for a short period for essential maintenance of improvements and/or upgrades to be carried out. We will try to warn you if we think you will be affected and keep these periods as short as possible.

Emergency services


You can make free calls to emergency services from your mobile and fixed line. When you're outside of coverage on our network, your phone will try to locate another mobile network so that you can make emergency calls. Emergency service calls cannot be made using any data or VoIP services or applications you may have on your Red Sky mobile device(s).

The small print


Your contract and tariff will have a minimum term during which time you are committed to remain connected to Red Sky until the expiry of that minimum term. Red Sky reserves the right to terminate any services to a customer at any time if a customer fails to pay money owed to Red Sky, breaches Plan's Terms and Conditions or uses the services for any illegal or improper reasons.

In the event of Termination for the above reasons, you are expected to pay any current outstanding sums owed, along with any sums due to the end of the minimum term of the contract.


When joining Red Sky, you must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions of Services. You will receive the required details from Red Sky and copies can be obtained upon request.

About this Code


Should you have any questions or concerns about our compliance with this code, please write to us at:

Red Sky Telecom Ltd

Building 7

Queens Park

Queensway North

Team Valley Trading Estate


Tyne & Wear

NE11 0QD

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