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Instant online access to all your phones

my.plan is built specially for business. The online portal gives you 24/7/365 access to your account, wherever you are.


pro.plan Switch

When it comes to data, some businesses need a flexible approach. pro.plan Switch is a worry-free tariff that will always give you the best deal, no matter how much data you use. This tariff is perfect for businesses whose data usage varies month on month.

pro.plan switch reacts to your monthly usage, automatically upgrading you to the best tariff. There’s no need for Data Boosts, Spending Limit increases or tariff upgrades... everything is taken care of in an instant. You’ll also get unlimited minutes and texts that can be used in the UK and the Europe Zone.

On the Phone

Everything at 
your fingertips.

As a customer you have complimentary access to my.plan, our industry-leading online portal.

Man Typing on a Laptop

One bill.
Once a month.
In one place.

Know exactly what your bill looks like even before it has landed. You will enjoy instant access to your billing history, insight into any current additional usage charges and overviews of all the devices on your account.

International & 
Data Boosts

Manage our impressive range of bolt-ons with my.plan. Access the extra voice, text and data allowances you may need, no matter where your business takes you.

Morning Rush Hour

Give yourself a boost

Busy month? Running low on data? No problem - Boost your monthly data allowance any time you want. 

Temporarily increase your data allowance, helping you stay connected and avoid additional charges.

Call abroad for less

Stay connected with staff, customers or suppliers abroad with our International Minutes and Texts bolt-ons.

Travel with confidence

Choose from our selection of easy to understand roaming bolt-ons, for every type of business traveller, to any destination. 

Data, voice and text options available, covering daily travel and monthly trips across the globe.


1.     Do you have people in your business that max out their data allowances whereas others barely touch theirs? We’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for.

2.     Get in touch today to find out how we can maximise your business data allowances, leaving a lot less to waste.

3.     Does your data usage vary month to month, person to person? We get it, business need a tariff that accounts and caters to all data usage needs and levels –              even better if it can be done under one inclusive tariff. Well you’re in luck, we have a tariff that does exactly that.  

4.     Introducing proshare.plan, our answer to businesses who want to pool their data allowances and share them across multiple handsets.

5.    proshare.plan is our new sharer tariff that gives businesses the power to pool their data and share it across multiple handsets, maximising their allowance and           leaving a lot less to waste.

6.     Data you pay for but don’t use goes to waste, so why not share it with others who need it? Our proshare.plan tariff deos exactly that. Get in touch to find out                more 0330 333 9293